Tabby is a WEB Server integrated into the SAM4s Ellix 40 POS printer and provides a basic retail or food service POS software application. Tabby runs on any browser capable device regardless of operating system, including PCs, mobile devices or tablets. Tabby does not rely on tablet or device resources, so no software has to be loaded onto the device.  Simple connect your Tabby printer to your POS terminal via ethernet cable or Wireless access point.  Load you internet browser software and type in the Tabby URL and the software application is ready.


• Tabby does not rely on tablet or device resources.

• No application to install – adding or replacing a tablet or mobile device can be done “out of the box”. Simply open your browser and enter Tabby’s IP address.

• Price changes and managerial updates take effect simultaneously to all devices without workflow disruption.

• Remote management is inherently ready.

• No Internet is required, but connection may be desired for emailed reports or remote access.


Whatever your device preference, Tabby is ready. Many find that a 8″ tablet such as the iPad provides the best combination of screen size, mobility and familiarity. Others may prefer a fixed terminal like the SAM4S SAP4801– which may be more cost effective than an iPad and a stand. You choose; you can access Tabby using any device, running any operating system that supports a browser.



All you need for the intial setup is:-

One Tabby Printer
Draytex Wireless Access Point for connection to you tablets.
Connect your tablet to the wireless access point Or connect your SAM4S SAP4800.
Open the internet browser on your tablet.
Enter the URL for the Tabby Printer and off you go…


• Connects to up to 4 point of sale devices “out of the box” and a further 4 devices with the add-on licence key.

• Tabby’s two serial ports support up to 4 devices.

• Supports up to 4 printers. (Tabby printer plus 3 Ethernet/WiFi printers.)

• Each printer can drive up to two cash drawers.



Peripherals supported include remote printer, cash drawer, customer display, bar-code scanner, MPad Kitchen order system.


Kitchen Printer

Print kitchen requisition tickets at your Tabby printer or optional serial or Ethernet printers. Tickets organize items with condiments and/or prep instructions.


Use Tabby’s condiment feature to enforce condiment or instruction entry by item. You can display groups of relevant condiments after an item is entered. Enforce entry of one or more condiments and/or enforce selection from more than one group. For example, if a submarine sandwich is entered, the operator can be forced to selec

Store and Recall

Tabby gives you the flexibility to enter an order and defer payment to a later time. Easy to use for call in orders or if an inside customer is running a tab.


Tabby supports serial scanners connected to a Tabby port or wireless Bluetooth scanners paired with your Bluetooth enabled device. Use the scanner to check out, or to add items or stock in Tabby Backoffice.


Significantly, Tabby doesn’t just maintain monthly or yearly reports, like other systems. Instead Tabby archives each daily report in its database. So if you are planning staff for the upcoming holiday weekend, you can go back and look at sales on the same day for previous years. With all reports in the report database, you can select how you want to review sales by day, by week, month, quarter, year or for any range of days you select.

• Data Stored Locally – Not in the Cloud

• Daily X & Z Reports

• Sales Statistics Reports

• Payments Reports

• Payment Statistic Reports

• Group Reports

• Operator Reports

• Item Reports

• Inventory Reports

• Department Reports

• Journal Management – Search, Review, or Reprint Receipts from the Electronic Journal

• Sales Overview Dashboard

• Details Sales Charts and Graphs